Thursday, February 5, 2009

Apple Box Art

Shamelessly stealing from another blog I read, apparently there is a museum around here for Apple Box Art. For those readers from out of town, Washington State is world renowned for its apples. There are many competing farms and businesses that competed to sell their apples. One way of competing is packaging. Years ago apples were sold in wooden boxes. Growers would put distinctive labels on their boxes. Some of this commercial art is amazing.

A local car wash/gas station owner has created a small museum for this art in Kirkland, WA. If you are looking for something cool, local, and offbeat (particularly if you need a wash or a fill), then the Rose Hill Car Wash is worth a visit.

The Rose Hill Car Wash

Here is a video of some of this classic art. Note the related videos as well.

Apple Box Art Youtube Video

This is also a great school project, particularly for middle and high school students. It has it all, commerce, history, regional interest, art, and even collecting.


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