Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some thoughts on the Rossi v Murray ad campaign.

I was thinking about Rossi's loss over the weekend, particularly as it related to ads. Both Rossi and Murray engaged in the time honored tradition of taking a vote or position on one bill/subject, and then criticizing their opponent for a side effect of that vote. Rossi thinks that governments shouldn't subsidize defense contractors in violation of international law. This means that Boeing shouldn't get unfair help, even if airbus DOES get unfair help. Murray then says Rossi is anti-Boeing. Bunch of crap. Problem is, Rossi did the same thing to Murray. Just offhand I forget which one really bugged me. Did Rossi accuse Murray or sending jobs to China? Maybe because Murray supported a wind power green energy bill, and most windmills are built in China. It clearly wasn't Murray's intent to move jobs offshore, so Rossi was playing the same game as Murray. That's a bunch of crap too.

When I was getting bombarded by their adds, I couldn't see the difference between Murray and Rossi in terms of personal standards and ethics. Rossi may be the greatest guy on the planet, and Murray the Queen of Darkness, but you couldn't tell the difference from the style and tone of their adds. To me, Rossi just looked like another self serving politician.

Yeah I voted for him, but it was without enthusiasm. Truth be told, I was voting against her. I don't dislike Rossi. I agree with him on most of the issues. But he fell far short of distinguishing himself from her on a personal level, from my watching of his campaign.

How I wish I could vote for Chris Christie for anything. So for me, this wasn't a dirty season, this was a same old, same old season.


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